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Registered in Yiwu in 2018, B2BTradeWorld started its sourcing business for small-and-medium-sized sellers. We offer professional sourcing services for medium to small business enterprises. Our services are fully comprehensive and cover everything that is required to source from China. With our highly experienced and professional team, we can source the perfect item you may be looking for within seconds. All our agents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Chinese market and know the correct methods as well as suppliers that can assist. We have partnered with millions of suppliers and carriers since its foundation, enabling us to find you the best prices and quality for your investment.

In the last 2 years alone, we have successfully assisted over 1,000 happy clients.

We stand by our clients and maintain our top standards in customer satisfaction. It is our main focus to see you achieve an abundance in business success.

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DHL/UPS/Fedex : Length(cm) * width(cm) * height(cm) /5000 .For example , 60*45*40cm/5000=21.6kg

EMS : Length(cm) * width(cm) * height(cm) /5000 . For example: 65*65*50cm/8000=2

Yes, the shipping cost already includes the cost of China’s export declaration.
Yes, we will provide you with the waybill number after shipped.
The above shipping costs do not accept products with batteries. Please contact us for a new quote if your products with batteries.
The Shipping does not include insurance. Please contact the courier company for compensation if the product is damaged.

Size: The Size can not exceed 120CM on either side .

Weight: Each box cannot exceed 70kg.


Weight: single piece weight exceeds 32KG (actual weight ≥32KG), plus $10/piece

1.) The longest side length > 152cm or the second long side length > 76cm, plus $ 10 / piece.

2.) (Wide + High) * 2+ longer than 330CM, increase RMB388* fuel. If it overs 4.1M cannot be transferred.


Weight: if one of the box gross weights exceeds 68KG, and the box gross weight of each piece is charged at a minimum of 68kg.

Size: Girth = (width + height) * 2 + length > 330CM, plus 60USD * fuel cost / piece of the month. The size of the box cannot exceed 270CM on either side


Weight: Each piece is limited to 30kg or less

Size: The maximum size of either side is less than 150cm, and the total length, width and height is no more than 3 meters.

Please send all of your packing details to us through email : [email protected]
We work with most products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramic, and glass, in addition to clothing and apparel. See products we source for a listing.
We do not maintain a catalog in printed form of the products we have worked with, or provide a list of the thousands of manufacturers in China. In addition, we have sourced products for some of our customers that are proprietary and/or patented and they do not want their sources made public knowledge.

The minimum order value we may accept is $300. This varies from factory to factory according to setup costs and production run requirements.

Our customers often request that we sign a license/exclusive contract or non-disclosure agreement (these are provided by the customer or the customer’s attorney) whereby we agree not to sell or disclose the customer’s product line to others. We have no problem doing this. Upon request, we also add exclusive clauses or license agreements in with our negotiations with the factory in China.

In the Europe, U.S., Canada, as well as other developed countries patents and trademarks are your only true legal protection. Without a patent or trademark any company can legally copy and sell your product.

For the most part yes, but not always as due to events outside of our control such as vessel issues, weathers and customs clearance, shipments are occasionally delayed.

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