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Lower Costs

Although prices are moderately lower in China, it’s quite a bad deal to establish an overseas office and hire staff to operate it for China procurement. The good news is that B2BTradeWorld offers a better alternative. Serving as an order fulfillment agent, B2BTradeWorld also assists you in purchasing products from China. Based in the largest sourcing destination, B2BTradeWorld makes the most of this favorable location, thus can efficiently locate suppliers and shorten the supply chain. And for this reason, B2BTradeWorld allows you to cut off costs, enjoy professional procurement services, surely at the best prices, and gain great benefits from China.

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It’s definitely not that easy to find right suppliers. However, applying tactical local sourcing strategies and collaborating with China-based factories and industry alliances, B2BTradeWorld is skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and has abundant high-quality sourcing resources at command, so with millions of products manufactured in China we can get you connected and assure product quality.

Lower Risk

Purchasing directly from online suppliers is not only time-consuming, but can be a troublesome and risky task. Fortunately, B2BTradeWorld helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences together with technological means, and interconnects you with reliable suppliers.

Flexible & Customized

Featured as an innovative and flexible partner, B2BTradeWorld offers customized sourcing services, which includes but is not limited to sample purchase, quality check, MOQ and mold fee inquiries, goods pick-up, assisting in customs clearance and duties reduction. With personnel well experienced, we are able to fully understand and meet your specific needs.

Hassle Free

People often see growing business opportunities from sourcing in China, but neglect that time differences, cultural differences and languages could be obstacles. But now you can rest easy for B2BTradeWorld would surely rescue you from this kind of “heavy lifting”. And you don’t need to deal with five or six companies, but just B2BTradeWorld , for we can decrease communication misunderstandings, follow up with domestic tracking information, facilitate higher efficiency and ease your headache.

China Local Marketing

SEO in China

Gain organic traction and build your brand awareness over time by delivering website performance and content that potential customers love.

SEM in China

Use paid advertising to get in front of your target market as they search for related terms, leveraging bid management to secure greater conversions at a lower cost.

Social in China

With WeChat and Weibo capturing upwards of 400,000,000 users, paid and organic social is a great avenue for connecting with your audience where they spend the majority of their time.

Display in China

Programmatic and media buying has taken root in China’s digital landscape. Find out how you can leverage it for your marketing campaigns.

Order Fulfillment

Picking & Packing

Test orders are processed in advance to ensure that all systems are fully integrated and operational. Upon receiving an order, we pick products and components from the assigned location and offer to fit products of SKUs and pack them into one package in your preferred style.


B2BTradeWorld identifies and addresses on-hand quality issues before shipping at our fulfillment center in China, thus to decrease chargeback rates.




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